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The Waffle House near North Tryon Street at 103 Stetson Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262 received a very bad 88.50 B grade food safety score on December 4, 2020. You may remember that this was the same Waffle House that had video of flying roaches in their restaurant in September 2020.

Per the Dec. 4th inspection, an employee was seen coming from outside and handling food without washing their hands. Additionally there were employees doing multiple tasks without washing their hands. The inspector had to instruct the Waffle House employees on proper hand washing and education on when to wash hands.

The inspector observed black build up on the side of the ice machine and along the shield. The milk, tomatoes, and hash browns were all being held at unsafe temperatures above 41F in the reach in cooler unit, as a result the food had to be thrown away at the inspectors discretion.

The inspector saw Waffle House employees preparing food without hair restraints.

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The hand sink was blocked by a cart. A basket was stored in the hand sink too. There were no paper towels at either hand sink; by the way that is a 'tell tell' sign of poor hand washing.

Clean utensils and pans were stored in a drawer under the grill with food debris and greasy residue inside. The inspector ordered the utensils and pans removed to have them rewashed.

State law requires restaurants to clean equipment and utensils used with foods to avoid contamination. There was standing water inside the 4 door reach in cooler unit.

The inspector noted that cleaning needed to be done inside all the reach in cooler units and in between the gaskets. Also, cleaning needed to be done underneath the grill area and in between all the equipment. Cleaning is needed on the outside of all equipment where splashes often occur.