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Waffle House has had many disappointing and nasty things happen inside their restaurants.

Flying roaches were even at a Waffle House near North Tryon Charlotte, NC.

But on February 22, 2021 the Waffle House at 10910 Woodland Beaver Rd. Charlotte, NC scored an 87 B on a food safety inspection. Eggs were observed in a basket with a expired time stamp. The inspector had the eggs discarded immediately, this is a repeat violation.

There was a lack of overall managerial control at the mentioned Waffle House. The dish machine was not even functioning during the inspection.

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Multiple stacks of plates that were deemed clean on the top shelf above the grill were really dirty and the plates had food accumulation on them. The inspector had the plates rewashed in a 3 compartment sink.

Cooked grits and chili were observed hot holding below temperature.

The cold holding units near the grill had foods at unsafe temperatures above 41F. When checked further, the inspector saw that the cold holding unit had been turned off. All the food had to be discarded.

The food in the walk-in cooler was also at unsafe temperatures above 41F. Due to multiple repeat violations, if the cold holding units are at unsafe temperatures in the next inspection, then a risk control plan will be implemented.