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A Waffle House location scored an 88 B on a health safety inspection on August 3, 2022. The restaurant is near Beatties Ford Road and Sunset Road, specifically at 6308 Banner Elk Drive Charlotte, NC. Things were so bad, that the Waffle House had to temporarily close down during the inspection.

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The dish machine was not reaching a hot enough temperature and it was steadily decreasing, that was the first reason that prompted the Waffle House to close.

Waffle House also had to close due to a large number of equipment violations, including food in cold holding units at unsafe temperatures. 

Gravy and chili had to be thrown out because it was heating below 135F, the steamwells were broken and leaking.

The back door was open and flies were coming in. The manager said they keep the back door open because the air conditioning isn't working in the back.

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