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The Walmart on 7735 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC received an 88 B score on a food safety inspection on July 6, 2022. The inspection was conducted in the fresh food deli department of Walmart.

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Walmart employees did not have knowledge of when to clean slicers used for cutting meats and cheeses. In fact two slicers were dirty with old food debris on them, but Walmart employees had the slicers stored as clean.

A deli manager and employees were without knowledge of food temperatures for hot and cold held items.

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An Walmart employee was using 0ppm sanitizer to wash dishes.

Chicken wings were being improperly held at a temperature below 135F.

The chicken wraps had to be thrown away because they were at unsafe temperatures above 41F in the walk in cooler. A Walmart employee working in the deli area had jewelry on while handling food.