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A shooting at a Walmart Supercenter left 7 people dead on November 22, 2022. The murders occurred inside a Walmart in Chesapeake, VA.

7 people killed at Walmart

7 people killed at Walmart

The deadly shooting occurred around 10 p.m. A disgruntled Walmart employee opened fire with a pistol inside the back of the store killing six people. 4 other people were shot and taken to the hospital. The suspect was a manager at Walmart and was reported to be laughing during the murders.

See below video of a shooting at Walmart involving an angry employee.

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The suspect then turned the gun on himself, committing suicide. Some of the victims died on the scene at the Walmart, others died at the hospital.

Some of the people killed were Walmart employees and some were customers. A teenager was among the Walmart employees killed in the shooting.

Another video shows a man shot and killed at Walmart.

A tactical unit entered the Walmart in Virginia to clear the scene. The cause of the shooting is under investigation. 

See video here of a female shooting at women inside of a Walmart during a fight.