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29-year-old Shydaiza Forte and 20-year-old Demetrius Patterson are the 2 Walmart employees that were arrested. Shydaiza and Demetrius worked at the Walmart on 9101 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, NC. 

Shydaiza Forte and Demetrius Patterson

Shydaiza Forte and Demetrius Patterson

The arrested Walmart employees were arrested on August 26, 2021. Authorities say that a Walmart manager reported employees stole cash from the business. Shydaiza and Demetrius are accused of stealing money from Walmart on several days in August 2021. 

The Walmart employees were arrested and charged with larceny by employee. Walmart has affordable prices and great product choices, but many people complain about the customer service at various Walmart locations. 

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Some complaints involve Walmart employees having attitudes with customers, and employees attempting to lock store doors minutes early before the proper closing time.  

Another Walmart employee was arrested on charges that she stole over $2,500 from a Charlotte, NC Walmart. 

Video shows a fired Walmart employee driving their car into the store in a fiery rage.  

22-year-old Rojaanai Alston is seen on video shooting at two women that attacked her at a Walmart.