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Many restaurants continue to do bad on health inspections as if they don't care about food cleanliness and sanitation. The Wang & King Asian Cafe located at 10720 S Tryon St Charlotte, NC scored a 86 B during an August 3, 2020 health inspection.

The restaurant had to close down due to hot water not reaching the required temperature to wash dishes. Wang & King Asian Cafe will be closed until appropriate hot water can be provided. The manager was not ensuring temperatures are controlled and rules are met by providing hot water for the dish washing.

During the inspection the slicer was dirty and in need of cleaning due to buildup of food debris. The prep units were not maintaining foods in the proper temperature range. Also raw chicken was stored over raw shrimp.

The thermometer for the restaurant was out of batteries and unusable. Equipment throughout the restaurant was in need of cleaning due to a build up of food debris and dirt.

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