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On December 16, 2021 Dr. Jozsef Piri, 49, was arrested, charged with the murder of Roberto Fonseca-Rivera, 44. The victim was murdered in Rockingham, Vermont in 2019. Dr. Piri owned his own medical practice and was arrested as he walked out of a Publix supermarket across the street from his medical practice in Naples, Florida.

Dr. Jozsef Piri and Roberto Fonseca-Rivera

Dr. Jozsef Piri and Roberto Fonseca-Rivera

Dr. Piri was extradited from Florida to Vermont for court.

Dr. Piri is the prime suspect in connection with the November 2019 fatal shooting of Roberto. At the time of the murder, Dr. Piri was on vacation in Vermont, where he has a vacation home.

Through investigation, the state police learned that Dr. Piri was driving a Toyota Tundra truck on Vermont Route 103 in close proximity to Roberto's delivery truck. Roberto worked for Katsiroubas Produce.

Authorities say detectives reviewed surveillance footage, GPS data, photographs and other information to determine that Dr. Piri was allegedly driving immediately in front of Roberto just before the shooting occurred.

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Roberto was driving and then hit his brakes, and then sped up again. All of a sudden 2 shots were fired into Roberto's front windshield. The bullets hit Roberto in the head and neck. Roberto died on Route 103.

A co-worker of Roberto called police after Roberto did not return to work upon a restaurant delivery. The GPS in Roberto's delivery truck indicated that he was at a rural road in Vermont.

Authorities arrived at the GPS location and found Roberto's dead body behind the wheel of the Katsiroubas Produce delivery truck he had been driving.

After 2 years, Dr. Piri was arrested in December 2021 and charged with the second degree murder of Roberto.

Dr. Piri must now relinquish his passport and any firearms he possesses to the Vermont State Police. Dr. Piei must also follow a strict curfew if he is given bail.