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Don't eat at Wendy's, or else you might get shot by one of their employees.

22-year-old Xavier McCree is the Wendy's employee that was arrested for shooting at customers with a shotgun at the fast food restaurant. It appears that the customers are likely to file a lawsuit worth millions, and they will win.

Besides, who brings a shotgun to work?!

On Friday at 1:24 a.m., a fight broke out between employees and customers at the Wendy's located at 5214 Sunset Road Charlotte, NC.

Two adult female customers in a Dodge Charger had ordered food at the Wendy's Drive-thru and were waiting in the parking lot for an employee to bring it out to them. When the adult female employee brought out the food, an argument occurred because the customers were angry for the wait time, which is typical for that particular location.

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The customers and the employee then began fighting.

As the fight was progressing, the other customer began getting out of her vehicle at which time an adult male employee of the restaurant identified as Xavier fired a shotgun into the car.

No one was hit or injured by the shotgun pellets. The two individuals fighting received only minor injuries during their altercation.

Officers were called and arrested Xavier on site.

The shotgun used in this assault has been located and seized. No one else was charged.