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A Wendy's fast food restaurant scored very poorly on a March 17, 2020 health inspection. The score was an 85 B grade. That is bad, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak. The Wendy's with the bad score is located at 4426 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC. The inspector saw fruit flies in the Wendy's restaurant.

There was no soap at the front hand sink, there was also no drying device at the front hand sink. Employees were seen reheating chili from the previous day at 103F after more than 3 hours, the chili had to be discarded.

There was no certified Food Safety Manager on site during the inspection and the person in charge had an expired Food safety certification.

The blue cheese at the condiment station was out of temperature at 48F. The temperature was suppose to be at 41F or below. Burgers had to be pulled from the freezer and thrown away after no date marking on package referring to the cook date were found; there was also no 'pull from' freezer date, or 'use by' date on the burgers.

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There were trays blocking access to the front hand sink behind the counter. The interior of the ice machine was in need of cleaning. The equipment surfaces in the kitchen had significant food build-up.

There was significant food and trash on the floors underneath the equipment. During the inspection food splatter was observed on the walls. There was a water leak from the ceiling into the kitchen. There was also a water leak from the freezer ceiling into the freezer, causing ice build-up on the floor.

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