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The Wendy's located at 6849 Matthews-Mint Hill Road Mint Hill, NC has yet again scored horribly on a health department food safety inspection. This time Wendy's earned an 88.50 B grade during a September 19, 2022 inspection.


A package of frozen raw chicken was stored with ready to eat pre-cooked sausage. The aforementioned can cause cross contamination issues.

Black soil residue was accumulating on the ice chute in the ice machine. Chili was under temperature below 165F. 

Most notably, the inspector saw a cockroach on the floor near the french fry station.

Flies and ants were at the same Wendy's during a previous inspection.

Also, the following foods had to be discarded due to them being held at unsafe temperatures above 41F: salad, tomatoes, tempered cheese, and cole slaw.

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The prep cooler was not getting cold enough or working properly, which caused some of the foods to be discarded.

Food and supplies recently delivered were stored on the ground. A Wendy's employee was not wearing a hair restraint.

At the same Wendy's in a 2020 inspection, an employee touched their mask during the Coronavirus and did not wash their hands.

Another Wendy's scored an 85 B during an inspection where fruit flies were in the restaurant and no soap was at the hand sink.