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There have been many Asain themed restaurants that do terrible during food safety inspections. In fact 2 Ichiban restaurants have received low food sanitation scores in less than 24 hours.

The Ichiban Sushi & Hibachi Buffet located at 3302 Queen City Dr Charlotte, NC scored a 82.50 B on a food safety inspection. The inspection was on February 3, 2021. Brown sauce was stored beneath a leak by the condenser line in the walk-in cooler. Food is supposed to be stored in a clean, dry location, not exposed to contamination and at least 6 inches above the floor.

Just a day earlier the Ichiban Buffet on Albemarle Road in Charlotte scored an 87 on their food safety inspection.

The Ichiban at the Queen City Drive location had several critical violations. The person in charge had no active managerial control of cooling, storage of raw food over ready to eat foods, and handwashing.

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Uncooked house special egg rolls were being cooled at unsafe temperatures above 41F and had to be thrown away. Food at the buffet, sushi, and hibachi stations were in-use without time stamps.

An Ichiban employee had coffee and coffee condiments stored directly on the in use prep table; the employee's coffee cup was even leaking on the prep table. Employees were seen handling raw foods and then serving ready to eat foods without washing their hands and they didn't have gloves on. The inspector had to instruct the employees on proper handwashing.

Foods were stored in the walk in freezer without wrapping. Ready to eat soft shell crab were stored in a container of raw soft shell crab. Also raw scallops were stored in a container of krab sticks. Per the inspector, the items were discarded because raw animal foods are mandated to be separated from ready to eat foods.

There was a heavy buildup on the inside of the dish machine. A dirty build-up was observed on the shelving and the cooking equipment. A steady leak was under the dish pit hand sink. Cracks were in the floor tiles near doorways and in the dish area. Standing water was seen behind the ice machines.