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The Papa John's pizza restaurant located at 6411 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC earned an terrible 88.50 B on a July 12, 2022 health safety inspection.

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During the health inspection, the inspector was not able to get the proper corrections due to the hostility by staff at the Papa John's restaurant. The manager refused to answer questions, and the inspector was therefore not able to locate the necessary items.

The Papa John's staff refused to help or move items. The inspector called the district manager to report the Papa John's employees' behavior. 

The inspector felt threatened at Papa John's by the employees, forcing the inspector to return at a later date.

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The inspector was able to note a few violations, there was no Certified Food Protection Manager on site. The pizza knife and dessert pizza knife were both heavily soiled.

Uncooked chicken wings and cheese sticks were on the counter at unsafe temperatures of 45F, the inspector had to physically put the food in the walk-in cooler.

There was no date marking on the sauces in the walk-in cooler or prep line.

The inspection noted that there were flies in the kitchen. State law requires that all restaurants must have food thermometers, the inspector did not see a food thermometer on site at Papa Johns.

The floors, walls, and ceilings were in need of cleaning.