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Countless fathers in america fight for custody of their kids everyday. The crime that this father committed is a slap in the face to every parent in America.

Joshua Burgess, 32, raped and brutally killed his 15-year-old daughter identified as Zaria Burgess on Hampton Meadows Road in Union County, NC on August 18, 2019.

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Burgess confessed to his crime after walking into a police station on his own free will, before Zaria's murder was made known. Burgess was calm and showed no emotion while giving specific details about the rape and murder of his daughter Zaria.

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For unknown demonic reasons Burgess raped Zaria and then stabbed her in the neck. Zaria died at the crime scene.

Burgess was charged with murder, one count of Statutory Rape of a Person 15 Years of Age or Younger, First Degree Statutory Sex Offense, First Degree Kidnapping and First Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

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In a written statement a Union County official said:

“The details of this murder are indescribable. Every officer and detective involved in this case is feeling the effects of what happened to this child. There is no logical answer to explain why this man did what he is accused of doing. Our hearts and prayers are with Zaria’s mom and her family."