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Ahhh the sweet smell of jail. There is nothing like hearing those jail bars slam in your face. There is nothing like lights out and bad food in jail. Here are a few photos of people that have been arrested in Charlotte, NC and other places. Kenyatta Pearson, 28, pled guilty to robbing a Circle K gas station on North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC.


Word has it that Tianis Jones even twerked her way to jail by almost fighting McDonalds employees and then dancing after she threw items. Watch the video here.

But everyone on this list was arrested for alleged offenses. But they all have at least one thing in common, and that is, they look better than the average person that gets arrested.

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Sure they may not be movie star quality, but they range from handsome men, to gorgeous women when compared to everyday jail arrestees.

But no one wants to go to jail, the food is terrible, the benches are hard, and the jail cells are cold.

And if you go to the Mecklenburg County jail, be prepared, because that jail was flagged by the state as unsafe.  

Furthermore the Mecklenburg County jail had insects crawling on the kitchen walls.