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Damiyus Fowler, 21, and Dayshon Dogan, 19, were both in a high speed chase with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police on March 19. Once the suspects ran out of gas they abandoned the vehicle and led officers on a foot pursuit through backyards and wooded areas in Charlotte, NC.

The wild chase started around 4:30 pm when officers attempted to serve felony warrants on one of the suspects in a traffic stop. The suspects sped off and the chase went through east Charlotte, The Plaza, Milton Road, and University City.

The suspect vehicle drove on sidewalks, into oncoming traffic, and through a park to get away from police.

Several items were also thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit.

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A police helicopter followed the suspects as they ran from the vehicle into backyards and woods, jumping fences. The suspects got tired and ended up surrendering to cops.

No one was injured during the chase.