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The Wild Wing Cafe located at 9539 Pinnacle Dr. Charlotte, NC performed horribly during a October 22, 2020 health and safety inspection. Their score was an 88.50 B.

The inspector observed a heavy infestation of fruit flies throughout the entire Wild Wing Cafe restaurant. Most notably in the bar area at beer taps, near the ice machine, dish area in the kitchen, and along the cook line.

Black mildew growth was covering a large area on the floor in the dish area, there was also a black buildup on the wall behind the dish machine.

Wild Wing Cafe was in need of serious deep cleaning, the inspector must now visit once a week for 4 weeks to monitor the restaurant cleaning progress. During the inspection there was also a heavy debris accumulation on the floor in the dry storage room and laundry area.

There was a heavy grease buildup on the walls and the floor behind both sets of fryers and heavy debris buildup under the entire cook line and the 2-door refrigerator. Employee food was stored in the 2-door refrigerator above ranch cups. The manager was instructed to move the employee food.

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There were several foods with no date labels. There was even a container of salsa with a prep date label of 10/12/20 stored in a walk-in cooler. The inspector had the salsa discarded.

A spray bottle of peroxide was stored on the prep table next to peeled potatoes and sour cream. The inspector had the peroxide moved because toxic materials should not be stored near food in order to avoid contamination.

Utensils such as ladles were stored in a sanitizer bucket on the floor at Wild Wing Cafe. Per state law utensils are supposed to be stored in a clean dry place.

The soap dispenser was in poor condition, as the gasket was torn and falling off onto the chicken breading station.

There was a thick charcoal buildup in the oven. The vent hood was dirty with heavy dust and grease buildup. The restaurant is due for pest treatment. The inspector will return in 10 days to verify improvement with the pest problem.