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The Wing Stop restaurant on 9211 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC scored a very bad 89.50 B during a food safety inspection on July 20, 2021. The person in charge at Wing Stop during the time of the inspection was not a certified food protection manager. The ladles and potato slicer were dirty. 

Expired chicken had already reached a throw away date, yet it had not been discarded. The inspector saw to it that the chicken was discarded during the inspection.  

Corn had been left in the prep top overnight and had to be discarded. There was a dirty build up on the inside of the ice machine and on the nozzles of the soda fountain.

The inspector observed a pungent odor and standing water mixed with food and debris under the fryer. The area needs to be cleaned.

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Floors at Wing Stop were in need of cleaning, especially under and around the equipment.   

There were wet stacked utensils on the dish rack. State law mandates that dishes must be washed and dried before they can be stacked.

The prep unit was not holding temperatures properly. There is a work order active for the prep unit. 

Wing Stop had debris on shelving throughout the kitchen and a table next to the kitchen door. Tiles were missing and there was low grout under and near the fryer, the area is also holding water.