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A Wing Stop location scored terribly during an May 25, 2022 health safety inspection. The 6215 Old Post Rd, Charlotte, NC location scored an 87.50 B.

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There were no paper towels at the hand sink in the men’s restroom. The potato slicer and ice scoop were observed visibly unclean. Also the interior ice machine was noted with a build-up of residue.

Another Charlotte Wing Stop location had expired chicken during an inspection in which they scored a B.

A squeeze bottle of ranch was cold holding at an unsafe temperature above 41 degrees. A bag of batter mix was stored on the floor.

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Sanitizer buckets for wiping cloths had 0 ppm sanitizer. Scooping handles were stored inside food products, hence cross contamination can occur when hand held handles touch food.

Food containers and sheet pans were stored wet stacked; state law requires pans, plates, etc. be stacked and stored dry to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

The exterior of cooking equipment was unclean. There was a significant leak coming from the floor at the mop sink.

The inspector observed dust build-up on vents above the ice machine.