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Alexandra worked at Cusick Community Management in Charlotte, NC. Alexandra was arrested on May 23, 2019 charged with Corporate Malfeasance & Embezzlement. Cusick Community Management is a home owners association management company. They are responsible for enforcing home owners association rules and monthly dues.


Alexandra is alleged to of stole $90,828 from Cusick Community Management.

It is alleged between August 08, 2017 and January 29, 2018 at 8008 Corporate Center Drive Alexandra embezzled money belonging to her employer, Cusick Community Management.

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The alleged theft occurred in the Woodfield Corporate Center II in the amount of $90,828.

Alexandra is no stranger to getting arrested, she was found guilty of Felony Conversion in 2017. She stole cribs, toys, and playground equipment from Wee Lads & Lassies Daycare in Mooresville, NC and then sold the products on Craigslist.

Alexandra also has embezzlement convictions from 2009 and 2011.