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On January 7, 2022 Kenya Harris, 24, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of felony death by vehicle after 2 of her friends were killed in a crash. Onjenay Porter, 25, and David Coleman, 32, were killed in a vehicle collision on Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC. Kenya was the alleged driver.

Kenya Harris, Onjenay Porter, and David Coleman

Kenya Harris, Onjenay Porter, and David Coleman

The fatal collision was on January 4, 2022 at 5 a.m. Kenya was allegedly driving a vehicle with David and Onjenay as the passengers. Police say that Kenya was attempting to turn and ended up turning directly in front of another moving vehicle.

Hence, causing both vehicles to collide with each other. The massive collision sent Kenya's vehicle off the road. Onjenay and David died on impact.

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Kenya Harris was badly injured in the wreck along with the driver of the second car. Kenya was in the hospital for days getting her injuries treated, she was released on January 7th and officers were waiting to arrest her.

Kenya faces several charges. This deadly wreck is considered a DWI investigation, officials say. Onjenay was a mother with young children.