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Thessalonica Allen, 34, is charged with shooting and killing her husband Randy Allen in La Porte, Indiana on July 27, 2021. Thessalonica says Randy beat on her and her kids.  

Randy Allen and Thessalonica Allen 

Randy Allen and Thessalonica Allen 

Thessalonica allegedly confessed to fatally shooting Randy and partially cutting up his body in pieces, because it was too heavy to move in a tote bag.  

Thessalonica says that she and Randy were in a physical altercation. She later shot and killed Randy shortly after the alleged altercation. Randy was shot in the arm, the bullet entered his chest and abdomen, and then travelled to his spinal cord area. 

The shot paralyzed Randy as he bled and died on scene. 

Thessalonica allegedly cut several of Randy's body parts off with an axe in order to fit him inside a tote bag and to lessen the weight. Police say Thessalonica then asked her children to help dispose of Randy's body.

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Thessalonica put Randy's body in her daughter's closet. Thessalonica asked a former boyfriend of hers to help put Randy's dead body in a car, the ex-boyfriend refused.  

Police were made aware of the murder and later arrested Thessalonica in the parking lot of a store. Authorities found Randy's body in Thessalonica's daughter's closet. During interrogations, Thessalonica claimed that Randy beat her and her kids.  

Thessalonica was charged with murder, two counts of contributing the delinquency of a minor, abuse of a corpse, alteration of a death scene, two counts of neglect of a dependent, and interference with the reporting of a crime.