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Comfort Keyermaa, 41, was killed in a bad car accident on August 20, 2020. Philip Agyeman, 55, is charged in her death. Philip was arrested and released from the hospital on August 25, 2020.

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, a two-vehicle crash occurred on Statesville Rd. Charlotte, NC. Philip was the driver of a Honda Accord, Comfort was his passenger. A Coca-Cola truck was stopped for a red light when it was struck by the Honda Accord. The Honda was traveling on Statesville Rd. and went through a center turn lane at a high rate of speed. The Honda struck a raised concrete center median and began to lose control.

Philip attempted to regain control, but he over-corrected, and the Honda began to slide sideways into the intersection, thus striking the Coca-Cola truck.

Comfot died from the car accident. The driver of the Coca-Cola truck did not sustain an injury. Philip was injured and taken to the hospital.

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All occupants involved in this crash were wearing seat belts, and impairment is not a factor for either driver. Excessive speed and reckless driving are contributing factors in this crash for the Honda.

As a result of this investigation, arrest warrants were obtained for Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Driving on Philip. The warrants were served on Philip after he was released from the hospital.