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Kelly Lavery, 27, pleaded guilty to second degree murder, kidnapping and concealment of a body on June 30, 2022. Kelly pled guilty to murdering 20-year-old Mary Collins in 2020 at an apartment in Charlotte, NC.

Mary Collins and Kelly Lavery

Mary Collins and Kelly Lavery

3 other suspects were charged also, but they have pled not guilty.

Mary had an cognitive impairment. Kelly and other suspects were accused of asking Mary to have an sexual threesome. Mary refused the sexual offer. Kelly and the suspects are accused of getting mad and putting Xanax in Mary's drink. 

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Xanax has enormous power to make people very sleepy. Mary drank the beverage unaware that Xanax was in it. Shortly thereafter Mary passed out.

The suspects then put Mary in a bathtub and cut her up. Mary was then placed in a mattress. Mary was missing for days, as police and family desperately searched for her.

On April 4, 2022 Mary was found dead in an apartment on Rollerton Road.

In court on June 30, 2022 Kelly pled guilty to murder and was sentenced to 240-300 months in prison for the murder and kidnapping charges, followed by another 60-84 months on the concealment charge.