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26-year-old Sequoia Cotton was found dead on December 24, 2022 in the South Yadkin River in Iredell County, NC.

Sequoia Cotton

Sequoia Cotton

Sequoia was expected to meet with her sister at a Christmas Bar Crawl on December 22, 2022 but Sequoia never showed up. Her family reported her missing.

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On Dec. 24, 2022 the North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to a report of a crash along the overpass of Interstate 40 crossing the South Yadkin River in Iredell County.

Sequoia was driving a 1999 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight when it ran off the road, hit a bridge railing, and overturned into the river. The vehicle then sank into the Yadkin River. The actual crash is believed to of happened on December 22nd, but the crash was not discovered until December 24th Christmas Eve.

Sequoia was found dead in the submerged vehicle at the river.