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Morgan Johnson, 27, has life threatening injuries after she jumped out of a moving police car on Interstate 485 in Pineville, NC on July 17, 2022. Her face was skinned up with bumps, bruises, and massive swelling.

Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson

 At 12:25 a.m. officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at apartments. While on scene Pineville officers encountered Morgan who seemed agitated with police.

Morgan was accused of assaulting her boyfriend in front of officers, which led to her arrest.

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Morgan allegedly resisted arrest but she was eventually handcuffed and transported away from the scene in a patrol car. While being transported on I-485 to the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte-- Morgan was able to get one hand out of her handcuffs and proceeded to manually push/slide the rear window of the police vehicle down, creating a small opening.

The officer driving immediately saw this and slowed his speed down to stop the vehicle. Unfortunately as the police vehicle slowed down, Morgan was able to get through the small opening and exited the police vehicle while it was still moving.

Morgan's face hit the asphalt hard, her face was bleeding and skinned up from the impact. Internal bleeding and swelling to her head were also some of the injuries from the collision with the asphalt. Paramedics were immediately called and began life saving measures and medical treatment.

Morgan was transported to a local hospital, she has sustained life threatening injuries.