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22-year-old Breondra Newman was killed Saturday in Charlotte, NC after she was hit by vehicles. Breondra was standing in traffic. Evidence suggest that Breondra may have been drunk. Breondra's incident marks the second time this year someone was killed after being hit by vehicles.

On January 5, 2019, at 3:46 a.m., several motorists called 911 to report discovering a possible body in the road. Upon arrival, officers located Breondra lying in the right northbound lane of S. Tryon St.

Members of the Major Crash Investigation Unit, DWI Task Force and Crime Scene Search were called to the scene to conduct the investigation.

The initial investigation shows Breondra was standing in the right northbound lane of S. Tryon St when she was struck by two vehicles.

The drivers of both vehicles remained on the scene, called 911 and were interviewed. Speed and or alcohol use by either driver is not a factor.

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Witnesses statements and evidence indicates Breondra may have been impaired prior to being struck.

During the course of the investigation, it was determined that a short time before the incident occurred, officers encountered a disabled vehicle on Westinghouse Boulevard near the intersection of S. Tryon Street.

When officers arrived, they discovered Breondra and two other people in the middle of the street with a disabled vehicle. Officers requested a wrecker to tow the vehicle out of the roadway and drove two of the people home.

Officers offered to assist Breondra with a ride home. Breondra refused and walked back and forth several times to a convenience store as officers waited for a wrecker to remove the vehicle from the roadway.

When the vehicle was removed from scene officers looked for Breondra at the convenience store before receiving a call for service about a person down in the roadway.