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U.S. Attorney Andrew Murray announced on April 23, 2020 that Riane Brownlee, 39, of Monroe, N.C., was sentenced to 37 months in prison for impersonating an FBI agent and illegally possessing a firearm. U.S. District Judge Kenneth D. Bell also ordered Riane to serve three years under court supervision upon completion of her prison term.

Raine posted on dating websites photographs of herself posing with a fake FBI badge and a firearm.

On February 23, 2019, Raine falsely told an individual with whom she met on a date that she was an FBI agent conducting a counter-drug operation. After Raine was arrested later the same day, she falsely told the same individual that she had to keep her identity secret from law enforcement because she was operating undercover.

In addition to the fake FBI badge, law enforcement recovered from the stolen vehicle Raine was driving a stolen loaded firearm, and a fake FBI ID bearing Raine’s photograph and the name “FBI Special Agent Alexandria Mancini.” The later was a made up alias name.

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Raine has multiple prior felony convictions, including Identity Theft, Felony Worthless Checks, and Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle, and she is prohibited from

possessing a firearm or ammunition.