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Maria Salinas, 20, (Seen here) doesn't look like she has a hot temper, but apparently something set her off to the point that she stabbed a man nearly killing him.

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at approximately 11pm, the victim identified as Jose Contreras got into a domestic dispute with Maria on Glenrock Drive in south Charlotte.

The suspect communicated a threat of bodily injury and then made good on that threat by stabbing the victim with a knife with the intent to kill. After Maria's bloody mess, she then fired several gunshots into the air. Lastly, Maria vandalized the victim's SUV.

Maria dispersed from the scene and was not apprehended by police until May 15. Maria is charged with Intent to Kill, Discharging Gun, and Communicating Threats.It is not clear is she has an attorney.

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