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The Christmas holidays is suppose to bring out the best in people, but the money involved often times brings out the worst in people.

It appears that Karina Herrera, 29, is familiar in the fraud world. Both of Karina's former employers accuse her of stealing money, both the Fogles Law Firm and La Universal Check Cashing. Karina was arrested on December 19, 2018.

Karina was an employee at La Universal on North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC. The company accuses Karina of cashing a $4,000 Bank of America check after she had already made a mobile deposit of the check. La Universal eventually received a call from the bank stating that the company check was a duplicate and had already been cashed by the suspect.

Lisa Phipps-Fogle of the Fogle Law Firm in Charlotte accuses Karina of stealing $9,000 plus during a fraudulent money order scheme. The Fogle Law Firm says Karina stole multiple money orders totaling over $9,000 over a period of 3 years.

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The Fogle Law Firm is listed as an immigration law firm. Karina was arrested on warrants and charged with Embezzlement.