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Avonna Proctor, 27, shot and killed herself in a hospital parking deck on July 26, 2019, all while SWAT and negotiators were on scene.

Avonna killed herself via a self inflicted gunshot wound at Atrium Health Carolina's Medical Center on Blythe Boulevard Charlotte, NC.

The situation happened in the early evening. Avonna told a witness that she wanted to commit suicide. The situation put the hospital on lock down.

After receiving a 911 call officers arrived and located Avonna barricaded inside of a vehicle on the 5th floor of the Medical Center Plaza Visitor’s parking deck. Members of the SWAT Team and Negotiators were activated and responded to the scene, set up a perimeter and made contact with Avonna.

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After a standoff with SWAT and speaking with Negotiators, Avonna discharged a firearm, was located inside of the vehicle with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and was pronounced deceased.

Sadly this is not the first suicide in Charlotte in 2019. In May a man jumped off of a bridge on Interstate 77, killing himself. The highway was shut down for several hours as negotiators tried to talk him down.