Julianne Wilson and Pastor Silvia Morales

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Wet roads and speeding is what killed a pastor and caused a head on collision.

32-year-old Julianne Wilson was speeding on her way to her high paying job when she crossed the center median on Idlewild Rd. and hit latino church Pastor Silvia Morales, 54, in a head on collision. The roads were extremely wet from rain.

The accident killed Pastor Morales who is the Senior pastor at Sion Church, a latino church in Charlotte, NC. The catastrophe occurred on October 10, 2018.

Many at the church have already forgiven Julianne for her reckless driving. Pictures from the scene show Pastor Morale's mangled white vehicle.

Julianne had just bought a brand new 2018 Dodge Charger R/T, which is the vehicle she was speeding in during the wreck.

Julianne's social media accounts publicly show that she is a Senior Accounting Manager at Land Rover Charlotte and Senior Accounting Manager at Jaguar Charlotte.

Julianne is currently in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Once released from the hospital, Julianne will be arrested on charges of Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Driving.

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to the author of this piece of drivel (i will not call you a journalist, that would be an insult to my entire profession).. please learn at least the rudimentary basics and the underlying tenants of journalism before you start posting irresponsible garbage such as this. Restrict your news writing to facts, verifiable findings of law, police reports, etc, not your opinion, not irrelevant items such as her income level just to add "juice" and "scandal" to your grade-school-level writing.


You are literally playing right into the ignorance of the same person who wrote this ridiculous article. You know nothing of this young women. She is a mother, a wife. a hard worker, a good friend,a daughter. Her "high paying" job( which is irrelevant) and new car do not by any means define the person she is. This blithering idiot that you so heartlessly called her is now lying in the hospital fighting for her life, not even conscious to know what tragedy happened that morning. She did not set out to harm or target anyone. So how dare you think you are allowed to judge exactly what happened that morning and the number of lives that will be changed forever. The blithering idiot here is the person who wrote the article and you sir/maam that think it is your duty to judge. Prayers for EVERYONE involved in this tragic ACCIDENT that fateful morning.


I don't know the law in this state, but I sure hope this isn't treated as a misdemeanor. Speeding on wet roads during a hurricane isn't any less culpable than driving drunk. This isn't an "accident", because an accident is when something happens by chance. In this case a blithering idiot who didn't give a damn what harm she did to anyone else so long as she got to work on time took the life of an innocent person. This ought to be felony manslaughter and a minimum of five years. (Five years without parole would be even more fair.) A slap on the wrist (one year, reduced to a few months after parole) would be an outrage!!!!