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Jacqueline Del Sol won the $200,000 lottery at the Quik Trip gas station located on The Plaza in Charlotte, NC. Jacqueline purchased a $5 Wild Cash Multiplier ticket.

When Jacqueline scratched off her ticket, she discovered that she won the $200,000 prize. She was so shocked she fell out of her bed.

“I changed my glasses three times, I ran around the apartment, I cried, I cried with my mom.”

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Jacqueline said after claiming her money.

Jacqueline became the first person to win the top prize in the game. She claimed her prize on October 18, 2021 at lottery headquarters in Raleigh, NC. After required federal and state tax with-holdings, Jacqueline took home $141,501.

Jacqueline says she’s ready for a fresh start and will use her prize money to give herself that.

Wild Cash Multiplier launched this month with six $200,000 top prizes. Five of those top prizes remain to be won.

Many people are winning the lottery at Quik Trip gas stations in the Charlotte area.