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Jail house cuties are rare. The ladies in this story were not featured in the latest episode of Bad Girls Club, instead they were all arrested for alleged offenses ranging from drugs, fraud, assault, and more. Jail is rough for anyone, it bothers your psyche.


Not to mention you are forced to adapt to an environment where fights occur often, nasty food is served, and demanding guards telling you what to do by the minute.

In jail, a female's hair weave gets confiscated for security reasons.

And it literally stinks in jail because toilets can only be flushed twice per hour, PEWW WEEE!!

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We aren't saying these gals are Victoria Secret model material, but we are saying that these gals are prettier than the typical female sitting in county lock-up. Trust us on that!!

Honestly, just don't get arrested and you can avoid all of this.

Hey Alexa play 'Loyal' by Chris Brown, then play 'Poison' by Bell Biv Davoe, and after that play something by Uncle Luke.