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28-year-old Rahmiek Brown was murdered in a shooting on Labor Day 2022 September 5th. The homicide was at a Shell gas station on West Sugar Creek Charlotte, NC. Rahmiek has a little girl.

Rahmiek Brown

Rahmiek Brown

Rahmiek was at the gas station at 2:30 a.m. Rahmiek was shot multiple times by an unknown suspect. Rahmiek was pronounced dead at the scene. No suspects were found when police arrived. A vehicle was towed away from the scene.

Rahmiek is a young father, he leaves behind a beautiful little girl and loving family. Rahmiek has ties to New York.

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In one of Rahmiek's latest social media post, he said, "you not a opp, you a hater. Stop telling ppl we beefin & tell em you jealous."