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Clifton Chapman was killed in a hit and run motorcycle collision in Charlotte, NC. The crash was in June, but Clifton died in July 2021 due to injuries sustained from the crash. 

Clifton Chapman

Clifton Chapman

Clifton was operating a motorcycle when another driver in a vehicle pulled out and struck Clifton. The victim was thrown from the motorcycle and sustained serious life threatening injuries. 

The other driver never stopped and fled the scene. Clifton was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. Clifton sustained several broken bones and bleeding around his brain. 

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Unfortunately, Clifton died in July 2021 due to complications and injuries from the crash.  

Shaquon Thompson, 31, was killed in a motorcycle collision on June 14, 2021 in Charlotte.

Daryl Bodrick was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 3, 2021.