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Demarcus Allen, 33, was shot and killed on Memorial Day 2022 in Charlotte, NC. The May 30th homicide was on Deep Rock Circle at town homes. There have been many murders and shootings on Deep Rock Circle.

Demarcus Allen

Demarcus Allen

Demarcus was shot and killed around 11:05 p.m., officers responded to an assault with a deadly weapon injury call. Emergency officials located Demarcus shot. Officers began life saving measures with members of the Charlotte Fire Department and medic teams. But Demarcus died on the scene.


There have been many of alarming incidents on Deep Rock Circle.

Maurice Paige was shot and killed on Mother's Day on Deep Rock Circle. 

A child was shot in a triple shooting on Deep Rock Circle.

Eric Howell, 29, was shot and killed on Deep Rock Circle in 2021.


Nearly every year Charlotte has violent murders on Memorial Day. A child was shot on Memorial Day weekend.

A young man was murdered at a Quik Trip gas station on Memorial Day 2022.

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2 women were murdered on Memorial Day weekend 2021 in Charlotte.

29-year-old Ashly Marquez was murdered during Memorial Day weekend.

Monica Smith was shot and killed in her home during Memorial Day weekend.

25-year-old Darion McClendon and his 4-month-old baby Da’mari McClendon were murdered on Memorial Day weekend. 

Garreath Bickham, 35, was shot and killed on Memorial Day weekend 2022.

Ricky Dinkins, 31, was killed in a fatal motor vehicle collision on Memorial Day weekend.