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On November 2, 2021 the Zapata's Mexican restaurant scored an 87 B on a food safety inspection. The Zapata's in question is located at 8927 J M Keynes Dr. Charlotte, NC. The person in charge was unable to discuss all aspects of the employee health policy.


The inspector saw a Zapata's employee attempt to prep food after picking up soiled dirty utensils from the floor, before cross contamination occurred the health inspector stopped the employee and made the manager aware of the violation. The employee discarded their gloves and washed their hands.

The bar dish machine had 0 ppm sanitizer. There were several plates, two veggie slicers, and knives that were stored as clean, but really had food debris left on them. The inspector had the items rewashed. Points were taken off for that violation.

The pico, slaw, cut tomatoes, diced tomatoes, guca with tomatoes, cut lettuce, cheese, and salsa were all being cold held at unsafe temperatures above 41F.

There were flies throughout the Zapata's Mexican Restaurant. A Zapata's employee used unwashed onions with a rubber band and tag still on them. The onions were discarded due to the violation.

Several portable cutting boards throughout the kitchen were in need of resurfacing or replacing due to deep cuts and grooves. Cooking equipment and cold holding equipment on the cook line were in need of cleaning due to food debris build up.

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Also, the floors throughout Zapata's Mexican Restaurant were in need of cleaning due to food debris and grease residue build up.

The personal items of Zapata's employees were stored above active food prep near the cook line.