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Jaylen Rowell, 24, and Christopher Tarrant, 28, are accused of robbing the State Employees Credit Union in Denver, NC on November 7, 2022. The two men are from Charlotte.

Jaylen Rowell and Christopher Tarrant

Jaylen Rowell and Christopher Tarrant

Jaylen and Christopher are accused of entering the bank with guns in the morning. The suspects allegedly ordered the employees and customers to the floor at gunpoint.

Cops say the two armed men demanded money from the teller. One of the suspects  jumped over the counter and started grabbing money, authorities say. A bank employee hit the silent alarm without the suspects' knowledge. The suspects then fled the scene. 

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The suspects were able to drive all the way to Charlotte and hide out for a few days. But, cops arrested the men on November 9, 2022 in Charlotte on Pointer Ridge Drive.

The suspects were charged with bank robbery.