Qwanterrius Stafford and Brenna Harris

Charlotte Alerts

A teenager is dead after he tried to rob a 7-Eleven. A second teenager was also shot and was hospitalized.

Qwanterrius Stafford, 16 was killed during his attempt to rob a 7-Eleven convenience store on Brookshire Boulevard Charlotte, NC.

A second teenager identified as Brenna Harris, 17, also shot in the robbery was transported to the hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.      

On August 8, 2019 Qwanterrius and Brenna entered the 7-Eleven to commit an armed robbery. During the course of the armed robbery, a wallet was taken from a customer at gunpoint inside the business. 

After he was robbed at gunpoint, the customer perceived a lethal threat and pulled a concealed handgun and fired it at both Qwanterrius and Brenna. Two handguns were recovered as evidence from the crime scene. 

One gun was determined to be in the possession of Qwanterrius during the armed robbery. The other gun was determined to belong to the customer that shot the suspects. Qwanterrius was transported to Atrium Health Carolina’s Medical Center and was later pronounced deceased. 

Brenna fled the business and was later transported to Atrium Health Carolina’s Medical Center by medic. Upon release from the hospital, Brenna was arrested and charged with Attempted Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, and Armed Robbery from Person.

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lul rio
lul rio

rip qwan bih thats my brudda


Good clean shooting, two thugs off the street. The wounded kid should face murder charges for the death of the other scumbag.

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My understanding in most states if not all, should someone be killed in the commission of a crime/felony then those with that individual are charged with their death, and yes usually it's 1st degree murder. Why this wasn't listed blows my mind