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47-year-old Lashonda Hearts is the Garda armored truck employee that was shot and killed during a robbery on November 15, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois at 10:20 a.m. Lashonda had just received a $5,000 sign on bonus. There were 4 suspects total in the robbery, 2 of them were murdered during the robbery allegedly by the other 2 suspects Antwon Montgomery, 19, and Deandre Jennings, 21.

Antwon Montgomery, Deandre Jennings, and Lashonda Hearts

Antwon Montgomery, Deandre Jennings, and Lashonda Hearts

Watch video of a $5 million armored truck robbery in Las Vegas.

A Loomis Armored truck driver was shot in the face and killed during a violent robbery at a Popeyes chicken restaurant.

4 suspects arrived at a Bank of America branch in a stolen car when a Garda armored truck was present with Garda employees loading an ATM. $80,000 was being transferred. The suspects are accused of approaching the 3 Garda guards demanding cash. The suspects tried to snatch the cash bags from the guards, and a struggle of some sort began. 

During the robbery Lashonda was shot six times, and the second Garda guard was shot twice. For what ever reason, the suspects did not get away with any cash. The third Garda guard was not shot, but was able to shoot back at the suspects, although the Garda guard missed all of the shots fired at the suspects. 

Watch as nearly $1 Million was stolen during a wild Brinks armored truck robbery, the suspects had AK-47 guns.

The suspects ran from the scene and drove away in the stolen vehicle. 

The FBI confirmed that Lashonda died from the robbery. The other Garda guard was rushed to the hospital and survived.  

30 minutes later, officials say the suspects robbed a Boost Mobile cell phone store. The suspects are accused of entering the Boost Mobile store with guns drawn and taking several cell phones while also forcing employees to open the cash register. Authorities say the suspects took money from the register and fled the scene.

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The suspects switched vehicles away from the robbery scene and got into a SUV.  

The suspects arrived at a stash house and while still in the SUV, 2 suspects were killed, they are identified as 21-year-old Naiquon Harper and 27-year-old George Holmes. 

Antwon and Deandre are accused of murdering George and Naiquon. The remaining suspects allegedly ran into a stash house. A 911 caller saw the activity and reported the sightings to police.

The SWAT team arrived at the stash house, eventually arresting Antwon and Deandre.  Stolen cell phones and guns were allegedly found at the crime scene.

Antwon and Deandre are charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, and armed robbery.

Video shows a Brinks armored truck was robbed at a shopping center. 

2 men got $1.3 million in an armored truck robbery.