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Three people have been arrested in a robbery that netted the group over $3,000. Apparently the crooks were watching the movie "Set it off", because one of the perpetrators was a female.

Shikeem Sands, 18, (Left to right) Jakala Sterling, 21, and Kevin Sims, 24, robbed a business near West Sugar Creek Rd.

On April 7, 2018 at 4:27 pm the three robbed a strip mall business located on 5221 Equipment Drive. The suspects entered the business holding the victims at gun point and carried away their belongings. But first the suspects took $3,140 in cash from the actual business.

The money was in white envelops ready to be deposited in the bank, unfortunately those deposits never made it to the bank, instead they were intercepted by three greedy criminals.

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The three were able to get away from the robbery, but per the investigation they were eventually caught weeks later.

Kevin has been arrested in several recent robberies, so this is not new for him. Charlotte Alerts spoke with former jail inmates and they said that Kevin is in and out of jail so much that every time he gets arrested and enters the jail pod--inmates laugh.