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41-year-old Miami lawyer Aaron Honaker admitted to committing a series of bank robberies in South Florida. Aaron was sentenced to 40 months in prison on December 9, 2021.

 Aaron was a complex commercial litigation lawyer in federal and state courts within Florida. Aaron's attorney friends and co-workers describe him as highly intelligent and brilliant. Aaron graduated from Wake Forest Law School in 2005.

Aaron Honaker

Aaron Honaker

From September 30, 2020 to October 16, 2020 Aaron robbed 5 banks in Florida. Aaron got $1050.00 from an Aventura bank on October 3rd, and he got $800.00 from a Coral Gables bank on October 10th. Aaron also attempted to rob several other banks in the same time frame.

Aaron would enter each bank alone, walk up to a teller window, and ask the teller for assistance in making a withdrawal. Aaron would then pass a note to the bank teller that contained hand written instructions and warnings.

One note said,

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"Don’t touch the alarm or call the police. Empty all of your $50's and $100's and put it in an envelope. Keep calm, and give me all the money in the drawer, I have a gun."

The suspect carried a hammer with him during the robberies to escape any glass bank traps.

On October 20, 2020 Aaron was near a bank in Coral Gables, observing it, a cop recognized Aaron and arrested him.

During the arrest cops found a hammer and demand notes in Aaron's possession. He also had a backpack that held a change of clothes, toiletries and his passport.

The Florida Bar Association disbarred Aaron from practicing as a lawyer following his arrest.

On December 9, 2021 Aaron was sentenced to 40 months in prison after pleading guilty to the robberies, he was also ordered to four years under supervision after he is released from prison.