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Quik Trip gas stations are no strangers to having crime on their property. A shootout erupted at a Quik Trip in July 2019.

Yesterday there was a armed robbery at a Quik Trip. On September 9, 2019, at 1:13 a.m. a black male suspect entered the Quik Trip at 127 E. Woodlawn Road Charlotte, NC with a gun. The suspect took money and other property from the Quik Trip and then ran out of the store. The suspect has still not been found.

The suspect was described as a heavy set muscular black male wearing a blue shirt, grey/dark pants, and white socks with black sneakers.

In June 2015 a teen girl was raped and then dropped off at a Quik Trip gas station.

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In March 2019 another Quik Trip was robbed by two suspects.

A suspect threatened a Quik Trip employee during a robbery.