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Jordan Beaner, 17, and Jordan Williams, 24, were both arrested for allegedly carjacking a man at gunpoint and then running from law enforcement personnel in a high speed chase. The chase made its way through Interstate 485 in Charlotte, NC before Jordan and Jordan eventually crashed out. Too bad the Jordan fellas won't be able to wear Air Jordans in the county jail. 

On June 2, 2019 the suspects allegedly car jacked a man at the University Village Apartments at gunpoint.

After a description of the suspects were beamed out to law enforcement radios, the suspects were spotted driving on I-485; a traffic stop was initiated but the suspects didn't stop. One of the suspects threw a gun out of the car during the chase.

The suspect vehicle over corrected at a high rate of speed and landed on its side at the Harrisburg Road exit. That’s when the crash occurred.

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Jordan and Jordan were then arrested and charged, remarkably they walked away from the crash with no injuries.