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Several suspects have been arrested for numerous alleged armed robberies that began in mid-July 2019 that lasted until September 2019 in Charlotte, NC.

These armed robberies targeted the Hispanic community throughout south Charlotte. Some of the victims didn't even speak English. Through hard work and countless hours, at least 10 suspects have been arrested.

The suspects would break up into groups and go on armed robbery sprees, officials say. Victims were so terrified during the robberies that they gave up everything they had on them, during one occasion a victim's passport was taken. Several victims had guns pointed at their heads.

Substantial amounts of cash were taken during the combined robberies.

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Some Latino victims were scared to come forward, fearing they would be subjected to deportation.

The suspects are identified as Isaiah Jones, 18, Antwan Martino, 16, Malachi McDuffie, 16, Cristian Martinez, 17, Tiran Mackin, 17, David Beltran, 23, Vladimir Lynch, 42, Drequille Snow, 19, Shahquan Cureton, 22, and Joshua Threatt, 23.