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Davione Mackey, 19, (Left) allegedly carjacked a man's Dodge Charger, while also stealing several gold chains, gold rings, and a Gucci wallet.  

Davione, who is no stranger to jail, robbed 29-year-old Tyron Littlejohn (Right) at gunpoint, reportedly.

The robbery occurred on Oct. 20 on Andover Woods Dr. around 1am. Tyron advised that he was robbed at gunpoint. The suspect stole Tyron's Dodge Charger, four gold rings valued at $250 each, four gold chains valued at $5,000, two gold IPhones, and a Gucci Wallet.

Happy with all of his hard work and gold upgrades, cops say Davione then drove off in the stolen Dodge Charger.

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Davione's newly found success was quickly impeded on, as cops arrested him a few hours later. Now Davione can wear Gucci in jail.