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Andre Jones, 35, robbed the La Unica Supermarket on South Boulevard in Charlotte, NC in December 2018.

On January 16, 2020 Andre pled guilty to robbery with a dangerous weapon and being a habitual felon.

Andre was sentenced to 130-168 months in prison.

One evening in December 2018, an employee of La Unica Supermarket was working at the cash register when Andre, wearing a face mask, approached her with a knife and demanded that she open her cash register. Andre took $745 and two money orders from the cash register before leaving the store.

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Another employee followed Andre and saw him remove his face mask after the robbery. That employee was able to see the suspect's face and provided police with a physical description.

Based on that information, officers were able to quickly locate Andre. Once detained, officers found La Unica’s $745 and money orders in the bag Andre carried.