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Kiara Murphy, 26, was arrested and charged in connection with the Charlotte, NC Steak N' Shake robbery where a long time employee was killed. Eddie Doh, 30, was also charged in the robbery.

On July 9 Darnell Harris, 48, was killed during the South Blvd. Steak N' Shake robbery while he was working. Darnell was a employee of Steak N' Shake. Robert Carpenter, 53, was also shot in the robbery and remains at the hospital for treatment.

Eddie was shot by a responding officer during the robbery, although Eddie was not killed, he remains in the hospital.

As a result of continued investigation into this case, Kiara was identified as a suspect. On July 10, 2019, members of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) located and arrested Kiara. She is charged with Murder, Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

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