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Tionne Joseph, 18, Deangelo Curley, 19, and Kristen Smith, 18 robbed two stores, tried running over a cop's foot, and then led cops on a high speed chase.

Police in Owasso, Oklahoma responded to a shoplifting call at Famous Footwear on Wednesday. Three suspects stole merchandise from the business and punched an employee in the face before running away.

Shortly after responding to Famous Footwear, police got another call that the same suspects were stealing items from Academy Sports down the street. Officers watched the suspects leave Academy in a small SUV. Police tried to pull them over, but they refused to stop and sped off.

While speeding out of the parking lot, the driver tried to run over an officer's foot.

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Police chased the SUV for approximately four miles at a high rate of speed through a shopping center and neighborhoods.

The driver identified as Tionne intentionally rammed into other officers' vehicles during the pursuit in an attempt to get away.

Police eventually stopped the SUV by boxing it in with their patrol cars and finally all three suspects were arrested.

Officers recovered all the stolen items, which were valued at $1,051.